Odd & Even Cognitive Possession Training: Cognitive Soccer Online Coaching Course at soccersmarttraining.com

oddevenOdd & Even Cognitive Possession Exercise 

Players: 14

Grid: 40×40 yards

Instructions and key Points: 

This simple cognitive possession game is another way to challenge player’s visual recognition and decision-making abilities under pressure. The game requires two teams of six players and two neutral players. The neutrals always play on the team in possession of the ball. Both teams wear the same color training bib/vest. The bibs will have a white sheet of paper pinned onto the front and back (can use magic marker on the bibs/vest). One team will have even numbers and one team will have odd numbers. The neutrals will wear “N” on their jersey. All the numbers will be printed in the same color. To increase the complexity add numbers and take out the neutral players. Playing 9v9 will be harder because players will not be able to memorize who is on their team. They will be forced to read the number. Make sure the numbers are written very large so they can be seen from far away. Players head movement will be increased – they will have to scan the field more often because the visual cues and pattern recognition will be much harder.  This is a good habit for players to get into!