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This high pressure pressing and possession game is turned into a exercise in witch players must focus and associate who is on who’s team immediately.  The pressing group of 3 players are black, white and orange.  The possession team of 6 is made up of red, blue and green (jerseys).  Notice example #2 where the two possession teams of 6 are just red and blue and the defending group is white.  The exercise has now completely changed as players must recognize 3-6 different colors and make the correct instant decisions.  You can do this with most exercises to challenge players and keep them focused and interested.  The 3 defenders press 1 team in possession – if they win the ball the possession team of 6 in the other box get the ball and the 3 outside defenders go inside to pressure as the previous defenders have a rest.  Rotate teams every 3 minutes – the defenders will become a possession team and a possession team will become the defenders etc.  You can make the drill even harder and more unpredictable by placing the outside defenders all around the box ready to come inside from different positions.  This will force possession players to use more head movement because they will need to be aware where the defenders are entering the box. This is seen in the 3rd example.