Arsenal Win First Trophy In 9 Years! Why Did It Take 9 Years?

You can’t talk about Arsenal without talking about Arsene Wenger and the philosophy of the club & business.  Let’s be very clear that while the rest of the professional soccer world (financial world as well) was spending like crazy and borrowing money they had no right borrowing, Arsenal was building a solid disciplined business.  Yes, Arsenal was committed to buying and developing young players while selling established players as they reached their mid-20’s.  They banked and banked and banked cash, meanwhile teams like Portsmouth FC would be borrowing against future premier league television dollars in order to buy players!  This was ridiculous and irresponsible behavior as teams like Portsmouth would crumble on the field and on the balance sheet as well!  The Manchester Cities and Chelsea’s never had a care, because losing money from their billions didn’t really matter.  However, Arsenal is not one of those clubs that can just lose money as hobby for their rich owners.  Arsenal was setting the club up for long term success of the last 10 years.  They build a stadium that would ensure a great experience for the fans and increased profits for the club.  Wenger is finally in a position where he can 50-80 million per/year on players and not hurt the clubs financial stability.  Arsenal does not have to pin it’s hope on Champions League to survive.  All the patience the fans and club has shown started to pay off with the FA Cup on May 17th!  The fact is the FA Cup is a major trophy and Arsenal won it.  I fully expect Wenger to spend money on players that can bring something special to the team.  I would like to see a minimum of two fast athletic defenders, one Lukaku “like” forward and some more pace on the wing (theo will be back but we need more).  If Ozil leaves bring back Cesc or a Modric type.  My expectations of Arsene Wenger and Arsenal will be very high moving forward.  We have the money.  We have the foundation of players.  We have everything in order to progress.  Spend cash now.  Continue to develop young talent (nothing should change there).  

It’s Arsenal’s time to excel – will they?  I think they will.  Arsene like anyone else must really earn his keep in the next 1-3 years!

One last note.  Hull are a determined team and tough to beat.  In a one and done situation, beating them isn’t easy.  Arsenal’s win wasn’t automatic – look at the amount of upsets in the premier this season.  Arsenal showed great character and people need to understand what they did wasn’t easy! Well done!