Englands World Cup Chances “Brazil 2014”

England have a chance to do well if they study what Liverpool has done this year.  First, Wayne Rooney needs to be replaced with Sturridge.  It sounds crazy but Sturridge brings much needed explosive pace to the side.  Sterling is the next addition to starting eleven!  He is a game changer and England needs game changers.  When is the last time the England team dominated possession in midfield against a top european side?  Never in my lifetime.  Then lets bring some more pace into the team with Welbeck and Zaha.  Yes, Welbeck and Zaha.  That should just about do it from a counter attacking perspective.  Imagine Welbeck up top with Sturridge and Zaha and Sterling out wide! Have the team sit deep, keep their shape and hit the opponents with those four on the counter.  That would be a team capable of beating anyone.  Moyes messed up by sending Zaha on loan and not really playing Welbeck.  England is built for a modern counter attacking style now.  Their center backs have no real pace and Gerrard will be better sitting and not having to run box to box all 90 minutes.  The key to England is the counter with pace – but every World Cup they get side tracked by this player is from “Man United”, this player is from “Chelsea”, this player is from “Arsenal” etc!!!  Forget the resumes and just pick a style and players that can win.  Personally, I think Roy will go conservative with his team selection & tactics and the team will be average, everyone will say the have “under-performed” yet again.  I’m hoping Roy can get some guts and totally change things up, because this team could beat anyone if set-up properly on the right day.