Speed of Thought = Speed of Play : 25 Training Sessions That Increase Speed of Play In Soccer

This video is quick quick video that introduces you to my new book “Speed of Thought = Speed of Play”. It is available at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00KDP6HYA

Increasing speed of play has less to do with the body than it has to do with the brain. Challenging the mind of a soccer player is the key to increasing speed of play. I cannot stress the importance of challenging the players to think faster and solve problems in training sessions. As the game evolves, training players’ cognitive soccer ability will be the next major focus in the future of player development.

This book contains 25 training exercises from top professional clubs that will without a doubt help develop players’ speed of play. Cognitive Soccer Development” has many benefits, but primarily gives players the ability to make quicker decisions while problem solving on the field. In order to train players on speed of play, it is important to grasp a general understanding of cognitive soccer development, theory and application. This book is written not just to provide excellent speed of play drills, but also to educate coaches on how to adapt exercises to challenge and grow players’ soccer brains. I am confident the book will change the way you look at training and developing your team.