Manchester United in Trouble? Part Two

There is no doubt they have quality but they need a major change with players coming in and players leaving.  I do question the player selection a bit this season but it’s easy to question that on almost any team.  However, is David Moyes the guy for the job.  I have huge amounts of respect for Moyes but that doesn’t mean I think he is the right manager at United.  Look at the way Everton played under Moyes which was not to bad.  Very organized, disciplined and simple, but that is’t Manchester United. It was Everton and his style fit them decent.  Look at what Roberto Martinez did at Everton now.  Everton is more sophisticated under Martinez and are playing some very attractive attacking soccer.  I almost feel that Man United should be holding possession way better, they should be threatening with the ball, creative and capable of hurting teams at any moment.  Instead I feel United are more whatever now.  I respect Moyes but maybe his views of the game are better suited for mid to lower tier teams that rely on less talent and high work rate.  For me Martinez is the one that should be at United.  What will happen at United?  I’m not sure but my guess is Moyes will adapt, learn and progress but will it be enough?