Manchester United in Trouble?

I like Juan Matta! Good buy especially in the winter window.  I still say play Nanni and let him develop more.  He can really play.  Call me crazy but sell Van Persie when you can still get the cash for him. He is over 30 now and injuries will come quicker. Januzaj is awesome and going to be a real star.  They need like every one else some new center backs.  I have been critical of    Vidic’s mobility against speedy players for awhile now. Evra was a great player for United but it’s time for him to go now as well.  Rooney staying is very positive.  Danny Welbeck is getting better all the time and can be a serious game changer.  I wanted to see Zaha more.  Loved his pace but I didn’t see enough of him really see his ability yet.  Kagawa needs more playing time with Nanni!