Liverpool FC Not There Yet But In 2 Years?

It wasn’t that long ago when Roy Hodgson was supposed to take Liverpool forward!  We all know that didn’t happen. In fact the club were in disarray when Roy took over and were still in disarray when Roy got fired.  Then in came Brendan Rodgers.  Rodgers is a special coach with a philosophy of playing the game that has proven effective and attractive to watch.  He brought in some good players and might have the most potent duo up top in the entire EPL.  Coutinho is legit, Suarez maybe the top in the game, Sturridge is coming into his own, Sterling is getting better all the time and I wish Victor Moses played more.  The problems for me come in the back.  The entire back four or three depending on the day just are not good enough.  Lucas is not a top team guy for me.  In attack I really like Liverpool but they will continue to let up to many goals to finish in the top three this year.  As Liverpool improve their squad they will most likely replace victor Moses, Lucas and the entire back four.  I have know idea what will be Gerrards role in the years to come because of lowered mobility and decreased speed.  Even Sterling will have to continue to improve his decision making and passing ability to fit in the future Liverpool squad.  Much like Theo Wolcott who started with just pace and now has become much more well rounded.  Anyways that’s my prediction for this year and years to come for Liverpool.  Rodgers will have this team in the Champions League in the next two years!