16v2 or 16v3 Small-Area Soccer Possession Exercise

Those of you who read my posts and watch my Youtube Channel, know how much I value keeping the ball. In terms of player development, I stress the importance of creating ever changing environments that force players to find new solutions in order to be successful. This exercise can be improved and changed to fit the level of players, but the idea is to keep track of defenders and 2 balls at one time, in fluid real-time, there is no real player movement in this exercise, but I see value in scanning and instant decisions before the ball gets to your feet. I used this as a warm-up exercise combined with some physical intervals. I asked players for their feedback after the exercise, and they found it very challenging and useful. When you ask the players, the feedback is important, but if you get in the exercise yourself, and experience it, that is even better. I make it a point to experience every exercise I do, because there is nothing better than living it for yourself. This training exercise fits one small piece of the puzzle, when it comes to my beliefs on development, but small-area intelligence is a large piece of soccer development.  Be sure to check out www.dibernardosoccerschool.com for our online coaching diploma courses.

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