What is the Ideal Soccer Body?

Below are a series of slides, which outline the ideal soccer physical characteristics, for high performing soccer players. Of course every person is different, with different physical abilities, and unique genetic make-up; but training and nutrition can make significant changes in physical make-up, and performance levels.  That being said, overall body composition is most determined by nutrition, while physical training will have a short term and long term impact. The short term impact will be seen in an increase in fitness levels, and long term effects will include actual physical changes in muscle fiber, vascularity and body composition. When trying to achieve the ideal soccer physical shape that is right for you, keep in mind that drastic dieting by cutting calories is not the proper way to drop body fat. Achieving the ideal soccer body revolves around making it your lifestyle, getting proper sleep, maintaining quality nutrition, training hard, and practicing mindfulness. Be sure to check out our online soccer coaching school at www.dibernardosoccerschool.com




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