Creating Exercises to Increase the Soccer IQ

The below exercise is a simple possession and finishing exercise. What I want you to do is watch the video and then ask yourself how could you change the exercise? How could you make the players experience totally different?   Are there constraints & conditions that could be added to create new problems for the players to solve as their experience is completely altered? By changing and altering the exercises, would it force to players to find new solutions and develop new skills to solve the various problems? Would ever changing and challenging experiences lead to the creation of a new skill sets in players? Does having all options available to player’s (no restrictions free play) actually harm their development and decrease their creativity? My opinion is yes. However, by using constraints and conditions in trainings, it creates environments that force players to come up with solutions without every option available to them, in turn making them more creative, they must do more with less, stretching their ability and resourcefulness, and ultimately developing new skill sets!

When I look at the exercise the first thing to come to my mind is to split the field into 4 equal squares, make the rule that the team of 10 players can only make 3 passes in each square, as the 4th pass must go into another square. The next condition may be to spit the field into 6 cross field horizontal 10 yard zones. Make the rule that player’s can only use their left foot to hit a pass through more than one horizontal zone. This means that every long pass (over at most 19 yards) must be hit with the left foot, causing players to change their decision making.  Another condition is that every pass must travel outside of the current horizontal zone, meaning no square balls can be hit. To increase the tempo of play, try the rule, 2-touch on the steal with the next 3 passes being mandatory 1-touch. Want to alter the experience even more Try using a variable bounce ball or size 3 or 4 ball. Those are just a couple ideas on how to make any exercise into soccer IQ boosting exercise!

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