Ask The Big Questions! Take an Active Role in Your Learning

Welcome to the information age.  In today’s world you can virtually find any type of information you looking for, right on the web.  Want to become really good at something but can’t afford a teacher, coach or mentor?  Don’t worry you can still pursue your dreams without money and with very limited resources.  What if I told you that teachers, mentors and coaches are now free to everyone and they will even travel to your home! Sound too good to be true? Well, the great news is, it is true.  The only thing you need to do is ask the right questions and search for the best answers.  What am I talking about?  My Cognitive Soccer Instructors Diploma Course goes into detail about how to ask the “Big Questions” and why continually pursuing these questions is so important in the pursuit of learning and acquiring new skills.  Have you ever heard of the Kenyan Javelin Thrower Julius Yego?  He is a very special athlete that became a World Champion by asking the “Big Questions” while seeking out the very best answers by himself.  Below are few sentences describing Yego’s incredible accomplishments.

“I do not have a coach, my motivation comes from within. Training without a coach is not an easy thing… I watched YouTube and it really paid off for me, to see the training techniques and skills they are using.”

Yego studied an expert javelin thrower named Andreas Thorkildsen who threw in the 2004 and 2008 Olympics. Yego watched videos of Thorkildsen throwing, jotting down notes on his technique and training.

“There were no coaches to guide me. I was just alone in the field, training. My father wanted me to give up javelin. Everybody here in Kenya is a runner. I took that as a challenge to find another way to succeed. I started watching videos… I could see that training like these people could improve me.”

Yego’s example is with the Javelin but this can easily be a soccer example.  Young soccer player’s today are just a few clicks away from an incredible amount of content that they can actively learn from.  I wish I had the opportunity when I was growing up to click on youtube and watch the best soccer players in the world.  I would have to wait for Sunday to come around to watch “Soccer Made in Germany” on PBS, and that’s only if I was allowed to skip church that Sunday!  However, today is a different time, this is the “information age” and the people that excel will be the people who work hard, ask the “Big Questions” and find the answers!  Take charge of your learning, progress and development, today more than any other period in time the information is out there now it is up to you to learn and grow!