Cognitive Passing Color Coded Training

The picture below shows a simple way to set-up a color coded cognitive passing exercise.  Each player starts on the selected color cone; in this case it is the white cone.  The player receiving the pass must pop-off the cone at the right time (coordinated timed movement between players) in order to receive the incoming pass in the middle of the four cones.  The players should focus on eye contact between passer and receiver, timed coordinated movement to receive the pass, proper hip position to receive pass, one touch receive and second touch pass using a quick tempo and using efficient footwork. Be sure to change the color of the cones being called, this will change the angle, footwork and overall technique required.  This exercise can also be modified in shape, number of players, you can require players to follow their pass, change the size of the balls, color code balls – having each color require a different technique.  The main idea is to look at this simple exercise as an outline that can be adapted, these types of exercises will increase your player’s attention capacity, mental bandwidth and problem solving ability, all while training efficient passing and receiving technique.  Once the players and can perform this exercise well, change it a little bit and give them a new challenge.  That’s what will increase dopamine and that’s the cognitive sweet spot for all learning!  Keep the variations coming and keep the players challenged! If you are interested in my cognitive instructors diploma course please visit