Pep Guardiola Positional Soccer Grid: Used For Cognitive Shadow Play

This is the full field grid Guardiola uses to teach positional soccer.  I adapted this into a cognitive shadow play training exercise.  You can do this with one team or two teams of 11 at a time.  Two team shadow play will require another coach to direct the second team.  I personally like two team shadow play because the teams must avoid one another, forcing players to play with their heads up to scan the field.  The coach directs the exercise by yelling the color zone (marked by color cones) the team must transfer the ball into.  The coach must adopt a quick  rhythm and logical pattern to the zones being called out in order to keep play realistic.  After 8-12 zones of calling passes – announce free play and the team can finish on goal at anytime.  After finishing the team will jog back to their end of the field and start another shadow play movement.

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