4v4+1 + 8 outside: www.soccersmarttraining.com


I like this exercise for a lower intensity day.  The field is very small and tight about 36×25 yards to limit running and force quick passing decisions.  We play 2-touch and 1-touch variations.  Today was “Game -2” if you follow tactical periodization, meaning two days until our match on Saturday.  We play 2 minute periods with the outside players swapping in every 2 minutes.  Each team has 4 outside plus players – in order to score you must play an end line plus player first.  The blue can only play their blue outside plus players etc.  Players can only score inside the end zone and are not permitted to run in until after ball crosses into end zone.  Any number of defensive and attacking players can enter end zone once ball crosses into the end zone.  Each team must keep their designated defender in the end zone at all times.  He will serve as swing man in possession.  No goals are allowed outside the end zone – the neutral red player can come in and score.  Your team will like this for sure.  My college team enjoys these type of small sided quick passing games that are competitive.  Be sure to check out my online cognitive soccer coaching instructors diploma at http://www.soccersmarttraining.com