9v9+3 Neutrals + keepers – 1-Touch Training: www.soccersmarttraining.com


This training exercise is always a favorite of my players.  The field is the width of the goal box and the length is from the top of the goal box to the top of the other goal box (18 to 18 or about 84 yards long if your field is 120 yards).  The game starts with 9v9 plus 3 neutral players who play for whatever team has possession – the neutral players can score! The game is 1-touch but 2-touch on the steal only.  Make this into a cognitive learning exercise by starting with these rules and than adding complexity.  The first variation is to add two small sided goals in each half.  Allow teams to score on either small sided goal in the opponents half or on the large goal as before – this changes the strategy of the game and the players decision making.  The second variation is to make the center circle a 2-touch zone.   The third variation is in order for a goal to be scored the entire team must be over the half line.  There are countless variations that can be made. By continuing to add new rules and conditions the players will stay engaged and focused in the game.  For more information on cognitive soccer training visit my instructors course at http://www.soccersmarttraining.com