Attacking with Width:


This training exercise is one of my favorites because it relates directly to our game model and includes all four phases of play.  Once a team gains possession the yellow wingers (always on the team in possession) must get wide into the channels right away.  This means all three areas are filled for the team in possession – both wide areas and middle area.  Wingers get 2-touch in channel but everyone is unlimited touch in the middle of the field.  The team in possession must get the ball wide to each channel before shooting on goal.  Once the ball goes wide into both channels the channel players can come into the field to play as well (they can score to).  The team in possession must be patient and look to connect passes when trying to get the ball to both channels.  Teams who hit to many long passes or have trouble in possession under pressure will have trouble in this exercise.  The team in possession needs to find a good passing rhythm and use their keepers feet in possession as well – to switch the field.  Defensively teams should look to press the ball into the side lines.  There are many other variations you can add to this exercise to challenge the players once they get the hang of this!

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