Celtic FC Passing Exercise: From New Book “Dynamic Passing Patterns for Fitness & Technique” Out Late July

Celtic FC Dynamic Passing Pattern

Players: 5-7

Grid: 15 yard’s each side of triangle

Key Points:

As with all the passing patterns pass with the inside of the foot and control with the inside of the foot. Always play to the proper foot of the receiving player, be sure body position is correct for receiving and passing, pop-off the mannequin to receive the ball at the correct time “coordinated timed movement with the passer”, be sure to have eye contact with player receiving the ball before passing, play firm balls to feet and keep the rhythm and tempo of the drill quick and sharp.

This pattern can be done 1-touch for all the shorter passes and 2-touch for the longer passes (pass 3,6 & 7). The red speed rings are to be done with extremely quick feet and the speed ladder can be completed using different patterns with fast footwork. All players rotate one spot forward with each repetition.