11 v 11 With Conditions: www.soccersmarttraining.com

This is a simple way to play 11v11 and naturally get players to work the ball switching the field and using the width.  It also encourages to be aware, scan the field and think ahead.  The game can be set up a few different ways depending on the work load & intensity level you want for the day. The game is 5v5, half field with 1 player who is the neutral or + player and always plays for the team in possession of the ball.  The only condition to the game is as follows: The team working the ball out of their half must play the ball into both wide channels before they can pass forward to the other half of the field to their other 5 team members who must get the ball wide into both channels before scoring a goal.  If the defending team intercepts they must get the ball wide in both channels before sending it to the other half to their attackers.  The game is fun and it naturally makes play more organized, efficient and productive.  There is no room for a lapse of concentration in this training.  If the players are in good shape, they can play 11v11 with every player going where they are supposed to on the field.