Splitting The Field Into Four Sections To Increase Vision & Speed of Play: www.soccersmarttraining.com


Want to increase your players passing vision, speed of play and get them switching the field quicker? Try splitting the field into  four sections and setting a maximum number passes that can be made in each square before the ball must be played to another square. The ball can be played out of the square anytime before the maximum number of passes is hit.  Start with a maximum of 4 passes per/square with the 5th pass leaving the square – eventually work down to a maximum of 2 passes in a square with the 3rd pass being played out of the square.  Speed play up even faster by playing 2-touch.  The players will have to work hard for each other off the ball, they must also always be scanning & looking for players in other sections to play to.  Players can go all over the field and are not limited to staying in one square.  In this example one team is scoring on a goal+keeper and the other is scoring in the end zone.