Coaching Possession & Pressing: Great Exercise That Trains Both!

Exercise #2

11v10 ½ Field Press

Grid: Regular Field To Edge of Center Circle

Instructions & Key Points: This exercise simulates the exact pressure of an actual game. The blue team is working the ball out from their keeper as the red team attempts to high-pressure them. The blue team is trying to break the pressure and can score by either scoring on the smaller goals or by sitting on the ball for 2 seconds or more (except the keeper).

Progressions & Variations: Add three small goals for the blue team to score on. Set a time limit for the red team to recover the ball (6 – 15 seconds) – this will increase the intensity level dramatically. Allow the red team to finish on goal once a turnover occurs. 2 touch-limit for both teams. Reduce the number of red defending players to 7 and adjust the touch-limits until 1-touch is achievable.