The World Cup Is Up For Grabs!

Here are a few of my thoughts on the World Cup after the first round! 

1) Watch out for Germany.  No surprise there.  

2) Watch out for France.  Serious talent but need to prove it against top teams. 

3) Mexico’s form can’t be explained.  They were terrible in qualification and great in their first two games in the cup.  

4) Africa will not be bringing home the cup.  

5) Chili looked much better in game two.  They looked like a team that can go far.

6) Colombia has spirit and talent.  I am happy for them especially with their history from 1994 Cup.  Its is sort of a spiritual mission for them. 

7) England – just a little short of being really good.  They had the hardest group in the cup.  The American group is in no way harder than England’s group. 

8) Italy – over-rated in my opinion.  Not winning the cup. 

9) South Korea – Really enjoyed the way they played.  The Russia Korea game was a breath or fresh air.  Attacking, positive, fast and fun. 

10) Holland – Not as good as everyone thinks.  Not winning the cup.

11) Argentina – I picked them to reach the final but they need to start playing as good as they look on paper. 

12) Portugal – major disappointment so far.  

13) Costa Rica – My number under-dog team.  Loved the way they played and the way they played for each other.  Cambell is legit.  Arsenal better start looking at him more seriously. 

14) Uruguay : Not winning the cup.  Good team with Suarez but what team wouldn’t be good with Suarez! 

15) Spain : We can’t help be feel indebted to them for changing the way soccer is played.  Spain deserves to applauded and thanked for doing what they did for soccer. 

16) Brazil : Can they Meet their potential?  If yes – they win the Cup. 


France and Germany look the strongest teams to me.  One has to knock the other out on the way to the finals though.  

Brazil and Argentina can win it if they get it together. 

There are also a handful of others that have an outside chance like Italy, Colombia, Mexico, Holland, Chili & Uruguay.