World Cup Quick Recap! England, Italy, Greece, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Holland, Spain, Ivory Coast

England – played well, just needed to finish. A few weaknesses but deserved a tie vs Italy

Italy – Big lack of athletic ability, but smart and technical.  Not  going to win the cup.  A pressing high energy team with pace can give them real problems.

Spain – They need to mix more athletic and younger players to join the older players.  They look complacent.  Spain can come back and win some games but that spark is gone.  Last World Cup they lost their first game as well but they dominated.  This game the Dutch destroyed them.

Holland – Fit, fast, strong, committed and all around solid. They have a couple players that can change the game.  The Dutch can go far and beat anyone.

Colombia – Real talent, good spirit and dangerous going forward.  Switched off a little after the first goal.  If they get better every game they could do very well.  Colombia will advance from group and then we will see what they are made of.

Chile – Have some good attacking players but lacked any sort of tactical game plan.  I was not impressed with the coach  being in a constant panic on the sidelines.  They have talent but maturity an issue.  Chile might advance from group and thats it.

Ivory Coast – Did very well to get back into the game.  They will advance from group but never a real threat to win cup.

Brazil – Did what they needed to do but not so impressive.  They can win the cup but not like they played in the first game.  I have Brazil and Argentina picked for the final!

Croatia – Not a bad team.  They can advance but keeper not the best athlete.  Croatia is capable of upsetting anyone in the cup.

Uruguay – Diego Forlan is past his prime & Suarez out.  There is no way they are going anywhere playing like they did the first game.  They looked average at best. Probably not getting out of the group (unless Suarez returns).  If Saurez comes back vs England than that will be a 50/50 game.  If not – They are out.

Japan – not advancing from the group.

Costa Rica – Really enjoyed their effort and they played well.  I am personally hoping they advance.  If they advance out of the group the cup has been a huge success for them.  I still say they were the best North American team in qualification.  Yes – better than the American team.  Just being honest.  If it wasn’t snowing that one game they would have beat us. Just my opinion!