Diving in The English Premier and Other Leagues

Recently I found myself frustrated watching Luis Suarez.  He is one of the best players in the world and wicked talented.  His game is so difficult to contain, he is elusive to say the least.  His tricks, twists and changes of direction have defenders on edge every moment of the game – especially around the box.  However, his diving and falling without contact is getting to be way to much.  The other day when he dropped to the ground without contact and looked to be suffering to an extreme level – next thing you know Liverpool win the ball back and go on a counter attack and Suarez jumps up off the ground and sprints into the attack.  It’s flat out embarrassing and makes me not want to watch him and takes away from the game.  It is getting to the point that I call it “flat out cheating”.  Cheating the other team, cheating the fans and cheating soccer in general.  The league should video review fouls (especially important fouls) and if there was no contact than a red card should be issued after the game for diving.  No questions asked.  Not to pick on Suarez but the other week the refferee gave a free kick for diving but didn’t show the card.  If it wasn’t a foul and the Suarez dove, book him! 

In the end the game needs to change.  the officiating needs technology as a component.  In all sports as the game gets faster and more dynamic the tools the officials use need to improve.  The players get to use balls that move, fly further and go faster, they can run faster, better nutrition etc – all those improvements and the refferees still have only whistles.