Moyes Sacked!

I know its not official yet but it looks to be coming.  He just didn’t get enough out of the team.  Saha should never have been put on loan.  He was one of the only speed guys they had. Playing Mata out wide didn’t make any sense to me at all.  Welbeck & Kagawa should have played way way way more.  He lost the locker room and his tactics left a lot to be questioned and desired. Martinez would have been a way better choice for the United job.  I like the idea of bringing in the in Jurgen Klopp from from Dortmund.  He may be just exactly what is needed.  I can see Klopp pushing for titles for 10-15 years straight.  

In pre-season and early parts of the regular season Moyes was to soft.  He would far to often be satisfied with losing and say they are improving.  Thats not good enough at a club like United.  Its not good enough anywhere that there is ambition.  The turn-around job won’t be easy but it won’t be as hard as it looks now either.  With the right coach United will be back in no time.  Moyes was just over his head.  We will seem Moyes soon at a Stoke City or Sunderland FC soon!