English Premier League Results Going To The Big Fish Now

When September hits every club in the premier has some self-belief and most of their players healthy and available.  As the Fall season rolls on the upsets come as fans try and guess what is going to happen?  Could this be the year Everton surge to the top?  Don’t hold your breath.  Its always going to be the same teams in the top four or five spots always!  The reason is simple. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.  Thats it.  Plain and simple.  The English Premier is not the easy does it sit back Italian league.  Older players can play on and on in the Italian league having wine and cheese after a tactical zonal defending 90 minutes.  The premier is blood and guts with crunching tackles left and right.  The problem is if you do not have two players for every position in the premier you’re finished.  Mid-tier to lower tier do not have the luxury of having a bench to replace injured players.  Even if the players are not injured 90 minutes a game all year long in the premier will beat you down by the end of the season.  

We are now starting to see the score lines like Arsenal over Everton 4-1, Chelsea hammering Spurs this past weekend and United finally taking care of business scoring 3 goals against WBA.  Liverpool are just a scoring machine anytime!  The only teams that will have a second win will be the relegation battlers fighting for their life.  They will muster up the willpower to play their hearts out some games and get wacked other games.  Remember Arsenal going on a crazy run last spring beating everyone?  Nothing will change.  City, Arsenal, Chelsea, United and Liverpool.  I guarantee those will be the top five spots.  Obviously they have the best players but they have a bench witch is 11 players large of players who can play!