The Pardew Headbutt

I was watching the game and couldn’t believe what I saw.  Did this guy just come out to the field and headbutt a player from the other team? Wait it wasn’t that bad! He just pushed the player away with his head!  After I heard him give that explanation I felt better and could understand it. Wait a second! Pushed him away with his head! I’m not buying that excuse.  It was a headbutt from a coach to a player.  Thats some crazy stuff.  Who did this guy think he was fooling in the post match interview.  It was shameful.  I personally seen this guy act like an immature baby to many times on the sideline.  There is no excuse.  If it was up to me I would ban him from the league and fire the guy.  Maybe a two year ban and never to coach in the premier again.  I’m even more upset that he didn’t admit to it.  “I pushed him away with my head”.  Just have the guts to say I lost it and headbutted the guy.  At that point your at least being honest.  I feel this guy is just apologizing and not even owning up to it at the same time. The FA is talking about coaching boxes like in some American Sports?  Are they serious?  Just grow up as a manager and behave like a man.  I don’t need any box or electric fence around me when I coach.  I have coached in National Championships Finals and maintained my passion along with me sense of humor at all times.  I lost many huge games as a coach and always did it with class.  I haven’t even brought up the role model stuff and the kids etc.  I really can’t get over him not fully admitting responsibility for his actions and making it seem way less then it was.  I feel like he is trying to con us all.  The club can do whatever they like.  If they want a manager who doesn’t admit to his actions and headbutts players than thats their decision.  If I owned the club I would not want that to be the values my club represents.  Come on this guy is the “Leader” of the team and your going to fine him $100,000 and say we talk anymore about it.  Alan Shearer was correct to say fire him.  Shearer actually cares about the club and the clubs values.  I keep reading about how out of control some youth soccer games and parents can get.  If you let Pardew stay employed what message do we send to those parents who are already out of control?