Nemanja Vidic To Leave United… Arsenal Liverpool Preview (Arsenal Win)

The EPL is fast and furious.  Players who had at best average speed in their 20’s will struggle in their 30’s in the EPL.  The exceptions will be the top level technical players who can keep the ball moving, create the decisive pass or use their positioning to help leverage their lack of pace.  Vidic is a great player with heart and work ethic.  He is a guy I admire and respect.  However, he lacks some mobility and has lost a step.  1v1 confrontations against speedy players are difficult for him now.  If he goes to the Italian league he could play another 5-8 years.  The EPL is not the Italian league.  Michael Bradley was perfect for the Italian league not the EPL.  I say good move for Vidic to leave.  Unted have some issues for sure with pace in the back overall right now.  I would not have Phil Jones as my defensive midfielder either.  You need athletes and they have to be able to play.  That’s the EPL.  You can fit in a few guys on each team that do not fit that mold, but you run the risk of being physically pushed off the field if you don’t have the physical presence.

Liverpool vs Arsenal.  If Arsenal come out ready Liverpool are finished.  3-1 Arsenal.  If Arsenal start slow and Liverpool jump on them from the start it’s a different game.  The center backs on both teams are suspect.  Liverpool’s Saurez is maybe the best forward in the game.  Without him Liverpool are finished.  Arsenal are never finished because the firepower comes from all over.  Arsenal don’t have the premier forward but they are way more complete a team.  Let’s not forget Liverpool struggled against Stoke the other day… Liverpool are not good at the back and that’s being nice.  The reality is Liverpool are a counter attack team and if they come forward they will pay for it with such a weak back four and midfield that really doesn’t work that hard without the ball.

Arsenal 3 Liverpool 1.  If I’m wrong write me on Sunday!

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