David Beckham Buys Miami MLS Franchise! My Inside Scoop!

First Florida is a massive soccer crazed state and they deserve a team! The Miami Heat made being in pro team in Miami massively cool! Who wouldn’t want to be in Miami nowadays? Beaches, great places to eat, clubs, art, festivals, shopping and good looking people everywhere!  David Beckham knows where the hot spots are for sure.  He is either in Miami, LA or NYC.  He is going to have the life being an owner in Miami.  Back in the day I was working a soccer event in Harlem for Major League Soccer. Beckham was there giving a clinic to the local kids.  Security was all over the place making sure David remained safe.  This guy played with the kids non-stop for like 30 minutes straight.  He was plain and simple a good guy.  There were a few local kids across the street playing basketball and they starting yelling at Beckham saying “Beckham you don’t care about the Dominicans – you don’t care about basketball, you don’t care about us”.  The kids yelling were actually poking fun and doing it with a sense of humor.  Beckham looked over smiled and ran out of the soccer field across the pavement onto the basketball court to the heckling kids in the middle of Harlem.  He signed the kids basketballs, shook their hands and then ran back to the soccer field.  The kids yelled back “we love you David”!  I thought it was so funny and nice.  I had the chance to speak to him before he left and the guy was fantastic.  Beckham was soft spoken, sincere and humble speaking to me.  That brings me to the Miami Franchise. 

The Miami franchise will be a big success.  David is a soccer guy, businessman and great relationship builder.  The leader of the organization matters,  He will be a first class leader and one of the few owners who actually understands soccer on many levels.  He  helped make the MLS become a household name as player and now he has the chance to make his impact as an owner. It will be interesting to see who the coach will be, where will the players come from and what game days will be like!  Miami FC!!! Even though Im in New York I will be buying my Miami FC shirt!