Soccer Coaching Has To Change

The typical soccer practice involves a topic and objective to be taught chosen by the coach to fix a perceived problem. The coach comes into the training with pre-determined coaching points and an organizational structure that goes from small to large ending with goals. They break down the training into separate parts, watering down the actual relationship to the real game. I take the view that we must begin to train the whole rather than the parts in game-representative trainings that include all four phases of the game – (attacking organization, defensive organization, attack transition, defensive transition). Forget what you were taught in your licensing course, stop the prescriptive coaching approach, stop breaking everything down into artificial non-representative training sessions. The whole has everything the players need, as each player can take what they need from the environment; this is not possible if the coach is the main driver of knowledge in an unrealistic, poorly coupled practice that is not game representative involving all four phases of the game. I am not saying that rondos and other exercises are not valuable, as I view many of them as the whole. The below video demonstrates two training sessions that represent the whole compared parts.–g9WqHCdHxWnQ/store – Click on the link to access my Youtube Channel E-book store.