The Myth of the Soccer Diamond Shape

How many times have we heard coaches shouting, “get in the diamond shape”. The basic shape idea is useful, but it can create poor passing support angles if taken literally. Players need to have freedom and flexibility when playing, because the game is not a static game, it is free-flowing and unpredictable, it is a thinking game.


Example: Basic diamond shapediamond2

Example: The defender blocks the angle of the forward pass, so the player up-top must adjust their positioning to create a better passing angle. The diamond shape is no longer intact but the new shape is a better shape for the situation.


Example: Two defenders cut-off multiple passing angles. All three supporting players must now adjust positions, in-order to provide clear passing angles for the player on the ball. Notice there is no more diamond shape. This is another example of flexibility of movement off the ball.


Example: Now we see the inter-changing of positions between the side player and the up-top player. The other wide player adjusts position as well. This example demonstrates that support does not always need to be static.

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