Adapting Soccer Rondo for Youth Soccer

This video shows a popular rondo that many pro teams use in training, and in pre-game warm-ups. Normally when possession is lost in this rondo, the game would not stop, it would be continuous and free flowing. However, not all players are ready for this level of rondo, so it must adapted, in order to provide value. The adaption is just a simple rule,  the team that loses the ball, must run to the center of the rondo grid, and touch hands before winning the ball back. The rule allows the team in possession, to take up positions around the grid, while keeping the ball for a couple passes, as the defending team is touching hands, you can even have the defenders count 4 seconds, while touching hands. There are many ways to adapt rondos from, allowing more touches, adjusting grid sizes, adjusting # of defenders, no defenders, moving rondos where coach can serve ball into next grid at any time. Keep this in mind, if the training is too hard, players tend to lose focus, if the training is too easy, they lose focus, but if the training is challenging, the players will really get engaged. As a coach, creating challenging and engaging training environments takes skill, and rondo variations can be a piece of the puzzle, in creating these great environments.

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