Cognitive Soccer Passing Exercise to Increase Attention & Focus

This exercise is intended to increase attention capacity and concentration levels in players. The exercise can be layered, creating a cognitive overload. The player on the ball (white) will pass to one of the two open players (orange and green). The only player that does not move is the player receiving the ball, in this example, the green player would not move. The player passing the ball and the other free player must run to a new vertical red stick, in this example the white and orange players must take up a new position, the green player would then continue the exercise by passing to either the white or orange player, as the exercise continues. Once the players get this simple exercise, start to add overloads by assigning each player a number from 1-3. Example: White player = #1, Orange player = #2 and Green player = #3. Make the players shout out their numbers in order, as the exercise is being carried out. Progress the exercise, by making the #1 a single clap instead of shouting the #1, make the #3 two claps. Then replace the #2 with a jump instead of a number. Keep changing and building the overloads-up, making it very challenging, then strip them all away, going back to the original passing exercise. When all the overloads are stripped away the exercise should seem very easy. These are excellent exercises to start training with because it demands so much attention and focus.



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