Understanding External Cueing & Training the Soccer IQ

External Cueing is a coaching technique that puts the players focus on the end result of an action, not the action itself. Example, a player shooting a basketball using external cueing would focus on hitting the back of the rim, instead of focusing on internal cues, like keeping the elbows tight and bending the knees. External cueing is proven to increase performance levels. In the video below, the red & blue poles, and the mannequins create external cues for the players to measure the end result of their actions. While, internal cues focus on the players mechanics of the technique, things like keeping your ankle locked, the direction of the plant foot and not leaning back would all be considered internal cues. When a player focuses on internal cues they tend to disrupt the natural flow of the technique, hurting the bodies ability to subconsciously carry out techniques. When watching this short video, think in terms of external cueing, instead of just some poles and mannequins.