Cognitive & Constraint Based Soccer Training Videos: Beginning Exercises

Below are two videos on the use of the cognitive soccer vest and the constraint skill ball.  These videos demonstrate two major components of cognitive soccer training 1) Constraint Based Methods  2) Exercises That Build of Attention, Focus & Concentration

Developing Soccer Intelligence

Eight Core Components

  1. Increasing Attention Capacity, Focus and Concentration: Implementation & Strategy
  2. Cognitive Lifestyle Development: Increasing Neural Plasticity
  3. Constraint Based Training: Developing Problem Solving Ability, Creativity & Unique Skill Sets
  4. Restrictive Sense Training: Adapting & Adjusting Strategy, Decisions and Technique
  5. Technical Rapid Skill Acquisition: Hard Wiring the Brain & Body
  6. Gridding & Cueing: Developing Spatial, Tactical & Performance Cues
  7. Self-Organized Learning Environments: Establishing a Collaborative Safe Learning Environment that Positively Develops the Social Domain, While Facilitating Learning
  8. Scientific Learning & Performance Environment: Effectively Using the Five Chemicals of Coaching