Dominant Foot Soccer Constraint Training

The below exercise incorporates a challenging constraint that will force players to adapt both strategy and technique, not just individual adapttions but collectively as a team.  Simply designate each players dominant foot with the same color sock.  In the example below, each player wears a pink sock on their dominant foot.  The constraint in the game is that “no goals” can be score with the dominant foot, not only does this force players to make different decisions, it gives the defense predictive information, knowing that players can’t shoot with the foot the pink sock is on.  There are many more constraints you can put in place using the pink sock –  no assists allowed with the dominant foot, only 1-touch with the dominant foot for scoring.  Feel free to layer constraints as well in the training sessions, keeping the players challenged, producing dopamine, creating a sweet spot for learning!   The idea is to provide a unique unstable training environment that forces players to develop different skills, using different strategies and thinking.   Remember, that when players have all options available, they tend to become less creative and fall into doing things same way they always did things.  By placing constraints in training, players have less tools to work with, which actually makes them more resourceful and in turn creative.   Be sure to check out my book “Restricted Sense & Constraints Based Soccer : Theory & Training Methods”  Available on

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