Constraint Based Soccer Possession Training

This video is a good example of constraint based soccer possession training.  The video takes you through a four part constraint based soccer possession training.  The idea of the training is to put players in situations that require them to adapt their decision-making, technique and strategy in order to be successful.  One of the main purposes of constraint based training is to take players out of their comfort zones, placing them in an area of in-stability.  If players are consistently put in trainings where they feel stable, and are allowed to stay in their comfort zones, having access to all their normal skills, the chance they will be forced to find different solutions or develop different skills is small.  However, if you put constraints on the players, they will be taken out of their comfort zones, which will push them to adapt and find brand new solutions to be successful on the field.  Unique soccer experiences and constraint based training eventually leads to the producing better players, players that have more solutions and ideas on the field, players that have a higher soccer intelligence level and have the ability to find success in any soccer environment!