Peripheral Vision Small-Sided Game

This game is designed to work on players peripheral vision.  Generating the largest possible range of vision using both eyes is critical in the gathering of information.  Players will use this current real time information to make decisions about their future actions. When the player decides upon a action, he or she will execute the action and then reflect on its success or failure, depending on the actions outcome, the player will adapt accordingly.  Working on vision is a fundamental of cognitive soccer development.

The small-sided game shown below can be modified in many different ways.  The cones on the sideline are the essential part of the exercise.  At any point during the game, the coach will shout out “color”, the players will need to recognize the furthest line of cones behind them that they can see, while still looking forward.  This exercise is a good way to train peripheral vision, by making players consciously aware of their range of vision.

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