Coaching The Soccer Brain: Part II


Multiple Option Attack

Grid: 35×35 yards


This SSG offers players four different ways to score. Each scoring zone is labeled 1-4 on the diagram. 1 = end zone scoring. Play the ball to partner in the end zone for a point. 2 = hit a mannequin with a pass and score a point. 3 = score on either of the small-sided goals for a point. 4 = score on the keeper in the large goal for a point. This is a great SSG that makes players process information and develop a strategy based upon the # called by the coach. Whatever number the coach calls will indicate what area the players will score in. The coach can also call two numbers at a time; this will offer players multiple ways to score. When multiple numbers are called, the number of decisions the players have is increased significantly. Excellent for developing strategy, decision-making and ultimately the soccer brain! The coach can also assign colors, movie titles, countries, food or anything else to go with each number. Now the players will have to associate multiple terms with each zone. This is just another way to add complexity to the exercise, requiring players to increase their attention levels.