Cognitive 3 Ball Possession


Cognitive 3 Ball Possession:  5v5+Gk’s and 4 outside neutrals and 1 inside neutral player.  Each team has a player holding one ball in their hands.  The condition of the game is – if your team is in possession of the ball (the ball on the ground) your team must also pass the ball they have in their hands to their teammates or neutral players.  Once the team in possession loses possession of the ball on the ground (the ball the game is being played with) they will not have to toss the ball in their hands.  Only the team in possession will toss the ball in their hands.  Whoever has the ball in their hands on the defending team will just hold it until they regain possession of the ball on the ground.

What does this game work on? The team in possession must constantly be scanning the field in possession.  Why? Because they they must be aware of two balls instead of one –  the one on the ground they are trying to score with and the one in the air they are passing to hands.  This game involves what we would call an overload situation in training for the brain.  The are many more conditions and variables that can be added to keep the players focused and challenged.

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