Cognitive Circle Passing

Circle Cognitive Passing

Players: 8-14 Players

Grid: 15X15 yards in a circle

Instructions and Key Points: Start with one soccer ball on the ground playing 1-touch and another ball held in a players hands. In the diagram the ball in the players hands is in black. The players toss 1 ball under hand to each other as the ball on the ground is passed 1-touch. Players must open their vision to enable them to see both balls at once. The exercise can take up to 14 players. Variations & Building Complexity: 2 balls being played on the ground 1-touch & 1 in the air, 2 balls in the air being tossed and 1 ball on the ground 1-touch, 2 balls being tossed in the air and 2 balls being passed 1-touch on the ground. The players can also be split into red & blue – players would not be allowed to play to the same color. Change the rule so players toss the ball to same color but 1-touch ground pass must be to the opposite color. The complexity of this drill can become very challenging as the layers are built.


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