SoccerSmart: (5v3) 3-Ball Possession

Exercise) Small-Sided Possession – 3v5 – 3 Balls

Grid: 25×20 yards

Players: 8


The team of 5 yellow players has three balls as the team of 3 black players tries to pressure the yellow in order to win the balls. The yellow players have unlimited touches and should try to play quickly to avoid losing possession. If the pass is not available the player under pressure can dribble. Once all three balls are intercepted the game starts over with 3 balls. The exercise forces players to make quick decisions on the ball in order to keep possession (on and off the ball). The exercise places players in a situation where there is an overload of decisions to be made with three active balls, as the balls are lost the number of decisions decrease. The exercise is designed to increase communication, movement, quick decision-making and scanning ability. Variations: as soon as the first ball is lost the player who lost the ball changes to the defensive team. In this variation the game will always have 3 balls for the team in possession.

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