8v8+1 Rotation of Ball: SoccerSmartTraining Instructor Exercise

8v8+1(striker scoring for both teams) + 1 GK

This game is played using half the field – the white team can score on any of the 4 small-sided goals at half field and the red vertical stick goals – scoring on red vertical stick goals must be by dribbling through them or passing to a teammate through them.  The blue team scores on the big goal with keeper or through the yellow sticks (same as the red sticks – dribble or pass).  The idea is to keep compact while defending in two lines of four.  The midfield must move together and work really hard to stop goals through sticks.  The attacking team concentrates on rotating the ball side to side to open up the defense.  Rotating the ball quickly will cause the defense problems and make it hard for them to defend the stick goals.  This is a very intense training with many more rules and conditions that can be added to progress the exercise.  Be sure to check out http://www.soccersmarttraining.com for information on becoming a cognitive soccer instructor.  All my books are available on amazon.com


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