Counter Attacking to Target Players

This game is 7v7+2 ( 4 total) neutral players.  The 2 neutrals on the side where the ball is will come out of their boxed area (as shown in the picture below).  When the team in possession puts 4 passes together in a row – they can hit a long ball to the opposite side of the field to one of neutral players (in yellow) in the wide boxes.  All players must sprint to the other side of the field when the counter attack ball is hit (after 4 passes) to one of the yellow players in the boxes.  The yellow player will look to cross the ball for a quick finish.  The progression is to allow the yellow player in the box to receive the long ball  and attack off the dribble or cross the ball.  The drill is a game realistic counter attacking exercise. It is very important to emphasize coordinated runs with penetrating passes. Blind side runs should be used to unbalance the defense in the counter.  A runner to the near post, far post and 6-8 yards out from goal in the center of the box should always be present when the counter attack is on.

Other Variations: Adjust the number of passes needed before hitting the penetrating ball to the other grid, penetrating balls must be hit 1-touch only, 1-touch finishing only, can only score from crossed ball.