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The pre-match warm-up is one of the most important parts of match day preparation for players both mentally and physically. The quality of the warm-up routine from the organization to the execution sets the tone for the game. The warm-up routine should prime the body for competition by firing-up the neurological system with the quick powerful fast movements, get the players acclimated to the field conditions and allow players to experience the weather conditions while under physical exertion.   The pre-match routine presented in this guide is the exact one my team currently uses. It combines all the major warm-up elements from Manchester United, FC Barcelona, Newcastle United, Atletico de Madrid and Chelsea FC. I trained my staff to set-up this warm-up 30 minutes before the team arrives at field. Once the routine is started the entire staff works with the players during the warm-up. I firmly believe the pre-match warm-up needs to be very focused, positive and full of energy. The coaching staff is expected to set the tone with the energy level along with the team captains. The warm-up is even more energized if our selected motivational music can be played!

The way we set the field up allows the warm-up to flow without any down time or needless transitions. Pop, Pop, Pop one thing to next with everything laid out from the start! Each part of the warm-up is timed so the entire routine stays on track and finishes in 45 minutes. I like to start the warm-up 60 minutes before game time. This allows enough time before kick-off for players to change shirts, check in with the officials if needed, make any last equipment adjustments and it also gives me 3-5 minutes for any last words (which I usually have). I do recommend that players warm-up in a dri-fit training jersey so they can change into their game jersey right before the game begins. We use our dri-fit practice t-shirt for all pre-match warm-ups. Also, make sure players are not on the field before the warm-up shooting or whacking 50 yard goal kicks!  Players need to be fully warmed-up before shooting and exerting themselves before training or games!  Be sure to check out my “Cognitive Soccer Instructors Certification Course” at

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