– Shadow Play Using Grids

Soccer Shadow Play Grid:

The field is split into many different color coded zones. There are many shadow play variations you can do with this set-up.

A) The coach calls out the zone and the ball must be played through that zone – once the ball is in the zone the coach calls out a new zone for the ball to travel to as the team must adjust shape constantly.  B) The team must play through every color zone before shooting, C) Have two teams play at one time going opposite directions 11 v 11  (teams must avoid each other)) as two coaches – 1 for each team –  will call out the color section for each team to play into – end with finishing on goal.  D) Play 11 v 3 defenders and build all the way up to 6 defenders – coach will still be calling the color zones that ball must be played into – eventually letting them finish with a shot.  This type of shadow play exercise requires all the players to be focused and concentrated the entire time.  By splitting the field into grids the players sensory input (vision) will be slightly different – the grids can help the players judge space, time & speed a little more easily.   Top level players will be able to organize, process, recall, anticipate and have better pattern recognition than lower level players.  Top level players are always more comfortable in their environment and have the skills to process even subconscious signals and signs during the game effortlessly.  These highly skilled players will automatically disregard non-essential information in an instant and not get stuck in the processing – top players make quick decisions! Enjoy the shadow play exercise and be sure to check out – learn how to become a “Certified Cognitive Soccer Instructor”.