Barcelona “3” Man Attacking Pattern: From My Book Train Like Barcelona. Play Like Barcelona.


Train Like Barcelona. Play Like Barcelona

Exercise #23

3 Player Crossing & Finishing

Grid: Attacking 1/3

Players: 3-9 Players + Keeper

Instructions & Key Points:

This is a basic crossing and finishing pattern working on the movement of the 3 attacking players. I recommend using 9 players so each group of 3 gets sufficient rest in between repetitions. Key Points: The coordination and timing of the runs in relation to the cross, firmness of passing & crossing, accuracy of pass and cross, placement of the finishing touch/strike. Barcelona attackers are trained to dribble to the end line and then cross the ball on an angle back across the near post. The attacking players know this so they have one runner crash near post with the other 45 degrees back covering the middle to back post.

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