Ajax FC 8v4 Possession: From My Book “Train Like Ajax. Play Like Ajax.” – Release Date May 29th on Amazon.com


This 8v4 possession game is played in a 20×20 yard grid.  Split the players into 3 teams of 4 and give each team a different color. .  In this example the black team and white/red team work together playing against the blue team of 4.  6 players are placed outside the grid and 2 in the middle vs. the 4 defending blue players. The objective is to have players in possession play quickly while receiving the ball using proper body positioning. Once the blue team intercepts the ball 4 times have them change with one of the other two teams.  The outside players should not go back from the line more than a couple feet but they can go up to 5 yards into the grid if needed.  The defenders can take the ball and pressure the 6 outside players fully.  For players at a higher skill level reduce the touches to 2 and than 1-touch per/player for a variation.  This exercise can actually be considered a variation of the popular training exercise called rondo. If you are interested in rondo’s be sure to get me book “The Science of Rondo” available on amazon.com