Bayern Munich FC : Compact Possession Training –


Compact Possession

Bayern Munich

Grid: 50×45 yards

Players: 18 field players (3 teams of 6) & 2 keepers

Instructions & Key Points:

This training game reflects the style or game model of Bayern Munich perfectly. The field is dived in half with one major condition. The team in possession must stay in the opponents half and use the halfway line as their line of restraint or line where their team pushes up to. They will not drop behind the half line when in possession. In this example you can see the red team is pressed into the blue teams half, while the maintain possession. If the blue team wins the ball the red team is not allowed to drop. The red team must stay in the blue teams half and try to win the ball. If the blue team can break the press they will try to score on the red. The outcome of this game is possession in a condensed very tight area. Players must think and play extremely quick to handle the pressure they are put under. When the ball is given away the group must transition quickly and pressure the ball to win it back. This training exercise is a miniature version of the Bayern game plan on match days.