Arsenal FC – 5v5+3 :


5v5+3 Square Possession

Grid: Three equal sized grids of 15×15 (total 45x15yards)

Players: 13

Instructions & Key Points: This possession game is challenging and fun for the players. The goal is for a team to complete 5 passes in square #1 then pass the ball into square #2 as players break into square #2 (the ball must cross into square #2 before the players) – the team in possession will try and complete 5 more passes in square #2 and than finally play into square #3 to complete the final 5 passes. If a team successfully completes 5 passes in each square without losing possession they receive a point. If play is in square #1 and the blue team loses possession the game does will not stop; the red team will try and put together 5 passes and move to the 2nd square. If a team loses possession in square #2 the game will restart in square #1 with the opposite team starting with possession. The 3 white players always play on the team in possession at all times. They will move with the play from square to square (1 inside & 2 outside). Variations: make neutral white players 1-touch only, 2-touch or 1-touch only for every player, adjust the number of passes that need to be made before entering the next square, if a team scores they will try and work the ball back the other direction through all 3 squares for double the points!

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